The Norm

January 25, 2018
By Anonymous

The normal is sitting,
Hurting from the biting
Bit by the tragedy of life,
Fearing that sharp end of the knife

Drip, pause, drip

Some might think it’ll hurt,
Even though it might stain your shirt
It doesn’t always feel this way
Sometimes you can keep it at bay

Drip, pause, drip

Everyone may think she’s fine,
It’s just one simple line
But lines can multiply
Until you cannot survive

Drip, pause, drip

No one knows
Until it finally shows
And she leaves this world,
Just whirled

Drip, pause, drip

See, everyone here,
Plays everything by ear
Just one simple word,
Can leave any skin not barred

Drip, pause, drip

It’s going to be fine now
She’s going to be safe

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