What She Feels

January 25, 2018
By Anonymous

A fall day
Brown leaves upon the ground
Crunching with every step she takes
Just like her heart
Every step people take
Leaving marks on her troubled heart.

Soft pale arms
Scarred beyond belief
Dark eyes
Showing the scars of the past.

People are dangerous to each other
She would know
A glint of the moon on the knife
The night felt cool against her bared wrist
So did the knife against her palm.

This isn’t what she wanted
The pain of life.
Her hands reached out to the bridge rails
Gripping with the strength she never had
Climbing upon the rails
Only supported by her legs.

Her phone starts to buzz in her pockets
She already knows who it is, them.
Without a second thought of what she was doing,
She closes her eyes as darkness covers over,
Lets her breath go,
Listens to the wind of the night,
And jumps.

Back at their houses,
Them, the boys and girls who caused her pain.
The ones who put the scars on her soft pale arms,
Putting those once bright blue eyes into their darkness.

They sit on their phones,
Still sending out the hateful messages to the girl.
Some of them, ask if she’s alright, but
It’s already too late.

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