January 25, 2018
By werewolvesrule473 SILVER, Cannon Falls, MN, Minnesota
werewolvesrule473 SILVER, Cannon Falls, MN, Minnesota
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Space is infinite, a vacuum, an endless void.
No boundaries, no border, no end.
Space is distance, a large distance, light-years, parsecs, emptiness in between objects.
Great distances of small dust particles, never reacting.
Space is the stars and planets, shining stars blaze with intense heat and light, planets flourishing with extraterrestrial life, others dead with glacial temperatures, or burning like a Nova.
Space is a sphere, a round artifact of space-time, ever expanding its presence.
Space is the universe, every possibility, every known signal found, every star, planet, galaxy, nebula. Every person you ever known, every satellite known, every corrupt politician, every world leader, every destructive event happened, every war, everything you’ve known happens in this one universe we reside in.

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