Grandma's Dinner

January 25, 2018
By Devinjake55 SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
Devinjake55 SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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The cool crisp air of white winter
Sliding through the creaking door
As the warmth kisses your nose
Sluggishly slipping your heavy coat off

The smell of the rich savory pasta
Pouring the hot steaming sauce
The cheese melting and blending
Sitting stomach grumbling wanting

Taking the first bite burning searing
Then delightfull creamy sweet
Suddenly the hot fiery taste is back
Finishing with a sip of smooth milk

Time will tell they would say and…
Time did tell the day of mourning
And heartache like nothingness
All was lost everything was horrible

The grandmother was no more
She had passed to another world
When she died she brought with
The savory rich meals of the past

The next dinner the savory rich dinner
It was no more it was all tasteless
No more melting cheese all cold
Everything black and white plain

Time continued the meals got less
There was no more taste in heaven
Until one day there was a child
Now the grandmother was back

My mom's savory dishes appealing
My children eating furiously
The meals hot melting cheese
I have been missing it for time
My favorite meals no longer past
but of future to come and for all my children.

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