One Look

January 25, 2018
By Anonymous

One look is all it takes
One falling star in the horizon
One brush of the sun across the sky
One glance and it turns to photos for my sweet recollection.
One whistle starts an anthem
One voice that makes up a ballade
One hum to compliment the parts
One song that surrounds the earth in all its sound.
One blazing heart on fire
One moment that defines your journey
One drop to cool the heat
One touch could burn the humanity out of your fingertips.
One morning stocked with spite
One thought that dips less than right
One indulgence to your bitter intent
One less beauty you will find in your glances.
One place filled with serenity
One fresh dose of reality
One gift of hope for all there is
One small truth that opens the eyes to everything you’d leave behind.

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