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That day

January 25, 2018
By Anonymous

How can you tell me I lied to your face?

How can you act like I'm a disgrace?

I'm sorry you chose to ignore me. 

I'm sorry In not able to make you see. 


What was done to me,

Wasn't your fault. 

So proving me wrong?

You should not. 


It's not my fault,

What happened that day. 

I wasn't so stupid,

I was told what to say. 


I went along with it for years. 

Under my covers, hiding my tears. 

You look at me like I'm a brat,

But the circumstances why, I won't rat. 


I know why you have a problem. 

You just choose not to solve them. 

How can you blame a three year old?

Acting like your word is worth gold?


I'm sorry you can't be a decent lady,

But maybe you should try to not act so shady. 

You don't need to acknowledge that day,

Because when karma gets here, there'll be hell to pay. 

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