The Track of Life

January 25, 2018
By ejoy5 SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
ejoy5 SILVER, Cannon Falls , Minnesota
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Life is a railroad track you follow
Everyone has their own path
We each follow
We decide when to turn,
Which makes the track our own

Hills and Valleys
A stop here and there, but doesn't stop long
It keeps going, even if we wish it would wait
Adventures ahead
Slow and Fast
Sometimes the opposite of what you want 

Eventually running into a barricade 
Where we are meant to stop
Rusting away
Looking back for the last time, beginning to end
Joys and sorrows
Thinking when I turned 
Onto a different rail
The choices I made
Which make each of us different
The adventures I had
Now has come to an end
One last shiver
Then all is deceased

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