Things NOT To Do In A Fairy Tale

January 22, 2018

“Mom, I’m going out to play.” said cute little Belle one day.
She started to go out the door, but her mom said:

“Stop! Don’t take a step more!
There are some things you need to know,
so listen to me before you go.”

Don’t eat apples from a strange hag.
It will taste awful and make you gag.

Don’t go in any houses made out straw or sticks;
The only safe and sturdy ones are made out of bricks.

Don’t go into old rooms and touch any needles,
Especially if you’ve been cursed by a fairy that is evil.

Don’t go looking for princes by wading in bogs,
You’ll  definitely get salmonella by kissing a frog.

Don’t go to a sea witch and give away your voice,
(You’re a sensible girl, you’ll make the right choice.)

Don’t swim with the mermaids on the open sea,
Their syrupy sweet singing will drive you mad with glee.

Don’t spend all your days in front of a mirror,
I don’t care how much you think you skin will get clearer.

Don’t go eat houses that are made out of candy,
Even if you’re starving and one comes in handy.

If you find a cottage in the woods, don’t go in there,
For it most likely belongs to a bear.
(You’ll know ‘cause the furniture’s covered with hair.)

Don’t get locked in a tower for more than an hour,
And when you come home don’t forget to shower!

Then dear little Belle looked at her mother’ worried face,
and realized safe in her mother’s arms was always the right place.

So next time you go out, and your mom gets all worried,
Remind yourself there’s no need to be hurried.
And when you are out the door wearing only one glove, 
Your mother reminds you because you are her one love.

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