January 22, 2018

Society created conformity.
The idea that everyone has to be the same.
This one social rule that made me collapse.

This simple idea drove me crazy,
and I kept on ignoring these rules,
and society punished me equally.

The only people who say that
are the ones everyone knows about.
The ones who are popular for no reason.

These people have become our role models,
the people who set the standard
for everyone else to follow.

So I thought one day,
“What if I fit in,
just like everyone else”

I got video games and a console
after one week
and a friend telling me to.

I got social media and a phone
after months of begging
and months of chores.

I got in and out of relationships,
waiting for the right person,
but they’d never come.

I began getting friends,
and actually fit in.
But at the cost of my uniquity.

Only because of this,
the rules that shouldn’t exist,
I became what I feared most.

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QuestionsWithoutAnswers said...
today at 5:18 pm
Most of my poems focus around a similar center point. I have pretty much an alike view of society and it's illogical "rules". Great job!
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