Unspoken Words

January 22, 2018
By Anonymous

Whether we admit it or not,we conceal what goes on inside our minds. Were only given a precious knowledge of self destruction. We keep to ourselves because no one would care enough to listen to our pain. So we fake a smile,a laugh, and out on a face to hide away from what the truth really is. We don't mention it to anyone because no one shined a light in the darkness to show us we were not alone. All we’re ever use to is being left behind feeling lost and confused. We feel what we feel because everyone chose to leave and not stay, they broke promises and got our hopes up when they said things they didn't mean anymore, so they say it out of habit. And feeling lost leads to depression, depression leads to suicide, and suicide leads to a sleep you'll never wake up from because when they finally notice it'll be too late. These are the words unspoken for those that couldn't be saved because it was too late to stop them from pulling that trigger, from chugging that bottle, from painting designs on their skin with a razor blade, or wanting to fly to somewhere they felt safe but they couldn't because of a rope or chain that held them back.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem/spoken word, becuase my best friend commited suicide after trying to let someone know what was wrong,or what hapened to him. he wasnt healthy and he got really tired of feeling the way he did. And i suffer from Suicidal depression where everyday i want to die but i keep fighting becuase im stronger than that to just give up and i want people to know that someone knows how they feel.

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MaskedGhost said...
on Feb. 4 at 5:15 pm
MaskedGhost, Hadley, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"My head's so tired but I don't care, no I don't
Outside the sky looks like it's burning down but
I won't fear, no I won't
Falling down like angels fighting
Stars and lightening hold me tightly" - Hazel: by Cavetown

This poem is amazing. I like the story behind it. I'm sorry for your loss of your best friend. Stay strong.

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