Rise Up With The Sickness

January 22, 2018
By Mone Mondragon BRONZE, Pecos, New Mexico
Mone Mondragon BRONZE, Pecos, New Mexico
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I've been sick for a while
I've been sick enough that our IMPECCABLE health care plan couldn't cover all the treatments I need.
I am so sick of seeing our Dark-skinned dark-souled men lining up in prisons laying down in coffins and occupying our streets
Fighting for basic human rights
laying down under the faded street light of our fatalistic underclass
experiencing the plight of being told they're fighting for the good of this
drug-torn racism-worn country when in reality the soil we stand on wasn't ours to begin with
The soil we poison with our bombs and our guns was not necessarily in the wrong but rather in the wrong place at the wrong time holding onto some riches our greedy blood-soaked hands will rip from their lands
I've got another cough because
I'm sick of seeing our women giving birth to children that cannot be nurtured by breast or by the system that deprives them of the nutrience of compassion and reason
throws them from home to home seeking love from people that use them for income or abuse them for their own version of "fun"
But we have systems upon systems
So you know I'm sick of this system of disregard for our young girls and women who find no respect in the school system always being secondary
not being given the same opportunities as their young male counterparts
feeling absent of worth
being told that they won't be paid well in their professions
That they need to close their legs and button up their shirts
so they don't have to worry about getting hurt walking to work or school or to a dorm because they behaved by the norm of having too much fun
and now
they are being told by a judge of their peers that if they hadn't been as naive in their actions they would not have had to take legal action
I have my been taking my medicine
I've been watching our young men take a knee even when it contradicts what the United States PresiDUNCE says is patriotic
I've been healed by our brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers risking their lives to power down a crowded street ridden with
home-bred homegrown terrorists KKKillers and trigger-happy police
in order to create a future that their children that OUR GENERATION can feel safe in
a Future this country has not yet seen since it's sickening fruition.

The author's comments:

I was at a conference with my school. We all wrote poetry. I read this allowed to a lot of people. They liked it. Here's a dollhouse I'm remodeling. It was my late grandmother's

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