The Fight Between Dark and Light

January 21, 2018
By camelizalawrence BRONZE, Germantown, Tennessee
camelizalawrence BRONZE, Germantown, Tennessee
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A child of someone struggles
Out there in the world she fears
She sees things, and hears things, and knows things
That should not have ever been revealed
5 She attempts comprehension of all
But, for a child so young, and so weak
It is far too much for her to haul
It is far too much out of her reach
The child struggles with understanding of evil
10 Understanding of knowing why,
Why a human who is thought to be wise
Could ever befall their allies
Why a world could turn its back on her,
When they know trust is the only way to survive
15 Why a person runs only when fear overcomes
Just to see the worst of the night
The child’s only strength is the sun
The sun that gives off energy and light
It tries to protect the child from the dark
20 But can’t always keep it from the night
The sun is what the child looks forward to
Once the owls and the stars disappear
The child feels joy, when appears the sun’s bright hue
Then, is the time when there is nothing to fear
25 Even in the dark, in the middle of the night
The child sleeps deeply, and quietly
she might be haunted on the outside
But in the inside, she runs in fields excitedly
The sleep fleets away from the child
30 And the sun streams into sight
The child’s heart burst of joy, and her face just smiled
The dark has lost; the light has won. Oh, what a fight!
At the end of the war there are scars;
Battle scars, all along her face
35 She tries to forget, to erase the dark times
She feels like these scars make her a disgrace
But she knows that they are not her own crimes
She decides at the end of thorough thought
To embrace these scars; they are not her fault
40 The sun and the moon are her new friends; she got what she sought
She grows into a friend of everyone
She says thanks to the stars and the light and the sun

The author's comments:

This poem is about me. I still haven't yet reached the place where I am friends with the sun and moon, but I am getting there. My life has had very many bumps all in a short period of time. But I persevere by writing my emotions onto a place where it is safe. On paper, my words express all the pain my heart is burdened with. As I write, word by word, a tiny eensy bit of pain is lifted off my shoulders.

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