Tick Tick

January 21, 2018
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Tick, tick my clock goes.
Tick, tick feminism is a waste.
Tick, Tick make America great again.
Tick, tick my clock beats.

Tick, tick lgtbq people don’t deserve rights.
Tick, tick illegal immigrants aren’t humans.
Tick, tick dreamers don’t belong.
Tick, tick my clock pounds.

My clock pounds and it
Beats in my head
From the lies that you
Speak and the secrets that you hide.


The public is gasping for air--

Trying to reach the surface.
You buried us so deep,
We can barely breathe.

Your power has given us no choice.
We must speak;
We must seek the truth. T
The truth that you cowardly hide.

Yet we call you our leader?
You hide instead of fight.
Fight for what is right.
Isn’t that why you have the power?

Instead, you betray those
Who have entrusted you with THEIR LIVES.
You weaken us instead of strengthening us.
You divide us instead of uniting us.

You leave us ticking and ticking.
Soon, our bomb will go off.
Tick, tick say your prayers,
We’re coming for the surface.

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