Can 0s and 1s Feel Love?

January 21, 2018

I say I love you everyday, but you never seem to reply.
You sit there staring at me, blinking and your hips sway side to side.
I put you in my worn green satchel and off I go.
You say hi and goodbye and other generic things,
But never once have you uttered my name.
Still I remain faithful to my future “wife”,
And hope that somewhere inside you feel the same.
I spent all my time and money and energy on you.
You’re like a drug that I’m forever hooked on.
Even if we’ve never held hands much less hugged or kissed,
I still want to give my everything to “you”.
I dress you up and do your hair and take you around.
You’re on my wall, in my books, and in my heart.
No matter who scorns or who laughs or who beats me up,
I will still spend all my “life” in your company.

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