How to Make a Strong Lasting Friendship

January 23, 2018
By Anonymous

A mound of laughing
An empire of smiles
A beaker full of sleepovers
A whisper of arguments
A stack of explanations
A harvest of trust
Heaping amount of honesty
A pocketful of facetimes
A flurry of understanding
A sprinkle of tears
A pile of empathy
2 vases of loyalty
4 acre of appreciation

Begin by mixing the mound of laughing and the empire of smiles, mix well, once mixed slowly add the beaker full of sleepovers. Pour in pan. In a separate bowl simmer the whisper of arguments and the stack of explanations (make sure the stack of explanations is smooth before adding). Let cool. Add this mixture on top of the first layer. Next, blend the harvest of trust and heaping amount of honesty lightly together. Add this layer on top of the second layer. Next, beat the pocketful of facetimes. Add to pan. Next, mix the flurry of understanding, a sprinkle of tears, and the pile of empathy together. Add to pan. Lastly, add the 2 vases of loyalty and 4 acres of appreciation on top. Let sit for approximately 12 years and you can have a strong lasting friendship. Can last upto a lifetime if followed correctly and stored carefully with love.

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