January 25, 2018
By Lukas_Hoffman SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Lukas_Hoffman SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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A crunchy sound every time my back tracks hit the snow.
Hearing every snowflake or ball hitting your Helmet
Feeling weightless on your machine as it purrs

The smell of mixed gassed burn everytime you open your visor
Flying threw the middle of the field until
The bank of snow at the end has got you
Your stuck you jump off to lift the back and you sink
So does, your machine with you
Stuck with the machine and you under

Far from home
Unable to get your phone
Its up to you to muscle your way out
- 4 but sweating hard as you claw out enough room for you to move

The sun is setting as you turn your ski’s back down
You hop on and floor it back down
You get a little distance as your sweat dries and becomes cold
You floor it towards your hill and pushes away any snow that left
With you at 60 miles an hour

Back on the path back home you think
What happened if you didn’t get out
Now your flying back home on the path more taken
The crunchy sound is gone as there is no snow to pack
Your home and the chili is ready and your mom knows
What to do.

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