French Horns

January 25, 2018
By IsaiahW SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
IsaiahW SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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The Horns prance slowly from below
the staff, to above the bar line.
They bound up to the high notes
from the round, colorful, deep tones.
The Horns abide close to each other
so they can stay on the correct pitches.

The deer walk softly from the valley
in the forest, up to the ridge.
They leap up to the elevated
land from across the frozen river.
The deer are sure to stay near
one another so as to not become lost.

The Horns lay behind the other
instruments barely noticed.
They quickly speed up
and nab the melody.
The Horns then return to the background
pleased to have contributed to the tune.

The wolves wait behind the surrounding
trees hidden from view.
They speedily run out
and snatch away their prey.
The wolves turn back to their homes
satisfied with their successful hunt.

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