My Fall into Anxiety

January 19, 2018
By MikkiFinch BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
MikkiFinch BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
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I’m standing in the shallows of a lake.
The water is cold and numbs my feet as well as my calves.
It laps gently against the shore
Pushing small rocks and pebbles up the bank and pulling them back down.

A little fish swims by tickling my ankle.
It’s silver, with little black spots.
I giggle at it as it swims away.

A cluster of storm clouds start to move in
and I can see lightning in the distance
A roll of thunder following in its wake.

I try to walk out of the lake
But slimy moss has wrapped itself around my ankles
And refuses to let go.

So I fall into the icy waters.
I panic and do my best to remove the moss
But it keeps getting thicker.
It has begun to rain
It feels like cold razor blades cutting my skin
Causing my blood to drip into the lake
Turning it dark purple.

I struggle to move
But by now the moss has wrapped itself around my waist.
It takes all i've got
Just to stay above the surface
But the water keeps rising.

There is no sunlight,
Only darkness,
As I sink
And lower
Under the surface.

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