Finding Your Way

January 19, 2018
By sarzs BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
sarzs BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
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Finding Your Way

a fog racing,
visible to only your eyes.
the mist taking over
your mindless body to
only perplex you more its a fallacy
created on your own.

i’d say,
“run away!”
but it would only lead you to more
problems unless you
to run into them.

it’s tempting to try and search for a map.
or a flashlight to clench
in a fist and guide the
way in this
imaginary labyrinth.

i’d advise you,
it would be no use.
but you continue to ask yourself for
directions even though you
are unsure
about the path itself there is no one
else you can share
your questions

but what if there was a way to escape?
an entrance peering
out from the other side
for you to walk through.

it wants you
to wake up.
open your eyes back to reality
where you won’t
feel blinded
by confusion.
it’s time for you
to shake your head.
washing away the daydream.

you were lost
but found your way.
now do me
the favor
and don’t find yourself
in the back of
your mind.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by Rupi Kaur and her poetry (The Sun and her Flowers and Milk and Honey). I admired her style of writing and wanted to try it out. This poem is about the feeling of being lost and confused.

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