Metaphor poem

January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

Emotions are the weather
With the change of their color and what leaves may fall from the tree or bloom or sprout
The sensation of feeling too cold
Warm or content
Because they always adapt to environment and surroundings
Because it rains due to the precipitation in the condensed clouds
while then shining from the morning sun
Because anger is an eruption and lightning is a thought
The petals are either being brought from the roots or rotted away
Branches may drop from the tree or grow new leaves
The bees that sting and the birds who sing, what may bring in the Spring
The engulfing snow to some which is hard to endure
The Winter who will be diminishing and cold with ice
The Summer who will shine across at day and further near bay is the feel of content and joy
And the Fall who feels like changing color and waiting for Winter who is the expectation of what brings
A blizzard is the feel of anticipation but sometimes comes with disgust
Thunder and lighting are storms that our minds can get shocked with, very electrifying
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, like anger, happiness and joy, sadness or despair, with antiquity and overall feelings

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