Beautiful Disaster

January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

I wake to the sound of water,

rushing outside my window.
The sun filtering in,
painting my room in sunlight.
I step out onto to the sun warmed grass,
soft under my bare feet.
The dew reflects off the morning sun,
the droplets illuminated by the light.
The whistling wind whirls through the sky,
gently lifting my hair off my shoulders.
The humid smell of fresh rain
filling me as I breathe in the forest.
The tops of the trees reach their branches towards the sky,
brushing their leaves against the clouds.
I sigh contentedly and rest my head against the grass,
The damp earth swallowing me up.
Bzzzzzzzzz, a steady sound wakes me from my peace.
I wake drowsily, the noise humming in my ears
The hum grows louder and louder,
As my heart pumps faster and faster.
I open my eyes.
Birds fill the sky, their cries in the air.
With a devastating crack,
a tree comes crashing down.
Crushing all in its path.
My feet slap against the hard forest floor,
branches whipping past my face,
roots grabbing at my ankles,
but I don’t care.
I arrive at the scene,
tears filling my eyes.
I stare down at the tree that once was,
at the trees around it,
and at the ugly red X’s marked on their sides.
The beautiful rainforest a disaster.

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