A Recipe for an Abusive Relationship

January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

Prep Time: 1 Love, Cook Time: 5 years(2012-2017), Total Time: Unknown
Yield: Two Teens
What I’ll Need:
Part One
1 unforgettable first kiss
2 memorable years
3 vases of love and yellow roses
4 times the cheater
Half a decade(5 years) worth of heart tainting
Part Two
1 trough of confidence
2 gardens full of beautiful thoughts
3 mounds of love
4 harvests worth of positive support
5 friends to keep me going
Part Three
1 step to acceptance that it’s over
2 girls; one he didn’t last with, and one he probably won’t last with
3 weeks till he comes crawling back
4 calls until I answer
5 syllables to drag me in…
“I love you.”
Here’s How it Works(at least for me it works this way):
Part One comes into play slowly. First taking that step to 1 unforgettable kiss, which then falls into the mix of 2 years of memorable moments. Toss in 3 vases of love and yellow roses(he always knew they were my favorite). Eventually, once everything is well incorporated, add in the 4 times he cheated(maybe more, but I don’t know). Finally I end up with half a decade( or 5 years) worth of heart tainting thrown in. Part Two comes in spurts. Once Part One is completed, set aside that concoction, and begin by finding 1 trough of confidence(this will help most when I am feeling moments of doubt and insecurity). Then gather 2 gardens full of beautiful thoughts- letting myself bathe in those thoughts, as they will serve me well and make me overall my happiest self later on. Pile on 3 mounds of love, and bring on 4 harvests worth of positive support. After all of that is tied together, squeeze in 5 friends to keep me going- they will make things easier to comprehend. Finally Part Three is here. I take that 1 step to acceptance that it’s over. With the knowledge that 2 girls are after me(one didn’t work out, but now there is another one that probably won’t last either). Give it about 3 weeks, and he should come crawling back into my life. Precaution: I may or may not see it coming. I wait 4 calls until answering, and then pick up. He is going to push 5 syllables out of his desperate mouth and into this recipe of Abuse… “I love you.”

The author's comments:

 This recipe is for all of you who have been in or have seen someone in an abusive relationship. 

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