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Recipe for an Ended Friendship

January 19, 2018
By erricaa189 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
erricaa189 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Mountains of backstabbing
A heap of hatred
A sprinkle of relief
A drop of acceptance
8 inches of yelling
Mounds of attitude
Armfuls of fighting
A truckload of being unloyal
6 slices of tears
An acre of broken hearts
Craters of pain
7 bins of misunderstandings
An era of sadness
2 crates of memories
A lifetime of goodbyes

In a large sized bowl, combine the mountains of backstabbing and the heap of hatred. Slowly, stir in the sprinkle of relief and the drop of acceptance. (Do not over mix). Once mixed thoroughly, add the 8 inches of yelling. In a separate bowl, add the mounds of attitude and armfuls of fighting to one another. Sift in the truckload of being unloyal and finally add the 6 slices of tears. (Let bowl rest 3-5 minutes or until the tears have been fully dried and mixed within the mixture). Combine this mixture to the large sized bowl containing mountains of stabbing, the heap of hatred, the sprinkle of relief, the drop of acceptance, and the 8 inches of yelling. Once blended, add the acre of broken hearts, craters of pain, 7 bins of misunderstandings, an era of sadness, and 2 crates of memories. To finish your product, top with a lifetime of goodbyes. For best results, let product sit in freezer or temperature below 40 degrees for 6 years to assure a cold friendship is present.

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