January 18, 2018
By Alyssa Basemore BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Alyssa Basemore BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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I've thought about how to start this many times
But I'm scared.
Just scared.
Of what could happen
If I let someone who saw me in a different light in
Mean, bitchy, intimidating
Alluring, passionate, sunshine
See the difference?

Sunshine has stuck with me for awhile.
No one has seen me as sunshine but you.
Only you.
I don't know why,
And that scares me.
So I blew up.
Shattering what I could've been for someone
For you.
Left with the previous interpretations of me.

I've heard the same things my whole life,
And have known them to be true
For me.
Until you.

Maybe I don't know who I am.
Maybe you don't know who I am.
Maybe nobody knows who I am.
I'm like a blank canvas.
Everyone contributing,
Painting a picture of me,
And I just go with it.
I conform,
Because they're probably right
Until you

You had a different picture in mind.
I didn't believe it.
I couldn't.
So I shredded the picture,
Only bits of it left.
It's gone.
Who I could've been.
It's too late
To realize that I actually liked that picture.
I try to repaint it.
I can't.
I try to tape it back together.
I couldn't.
Not without you.

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