Through Our Eyes

January 18, 2018

Born into the same world, birthed by our mothers
We deserved to be treated just like the others.

We do what we can to avoid your ways and survive,
But you still treat us cruelly, killing to capitalize

Abusing your power in the so-called “food chain”
You humans misuse us, in ways so inhumane

Insane acts of violence due to your “culture”
Blood on your hands, sending us to the slaughter

If we could speak, we’d charge you for murder
Our lives mean nothing to you, we’re no more than a burger

We’re all just experiments to your cosmetic testing
Feeding your egos with vanity, superficial investing

We fill your homes with fur, suede, leather, wool
Cannibals stuffing their bellies til they’re full

Some speak out, but no one seems to listen
The industry sits back and laughs, filling with frisson

You don’t realize the atrocity, have you no compassion?
Cover your ears, close your eyes, hiding from the fashion

How come some of us are pets, a friend, a lover
While the rest of us are no more than your everyday supper

Come and see for yourself, how life is through our eyes
Stop being so blind, listen to us and quit believing the lies

The author's comments:

This started off as a creative writing prompt about social injustices, but i’ve always been an animal lover so I decided to write it about animal rights.

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