Hey You

January 21, 2018
By CaptainCold221 BRONZE, Kathmandu, Other
CaptainCold221 BRONZE, Kathmandu, Other
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Hey, I want you to remember me;
To hold me, to clutch my heart with your soulless mercy;
I want you to ask me questions;
About how I fly so perfectly high with no sky above me.
About how I take someone else’s heart and make it mine.

Hey, I want you to answer me honestly.
How can you come up with a smile with shades in your eyes?
Are your depressed enzymes alright?
Maybe the chemical is too slow to let you smile.
Maybe you want to be alone and not lonely.

Hey, I want you to forget.
The sainted plaster by your demons and all the regrets.
The beautiful world and your imbecile mind.
I want you to be scentless like a freshly burnt stone.
I want you to be a novice of a newly brewed happiness.

Hey, I want you to dream about me.
Run your hands through my hair; rub my hair against your cheek
I want you to curl up your fingers and feel your rubber soul.
I want you to feel your breath of fire and heart of abyss;
Unravel the wings of tragedy and let me sink in.
For let me sink deep and take all the life out of you.
For let me flow with you.
Let me flow with the wind.

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