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Drivers License

January 21, 2018
By Sophiecw BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Sophiecw BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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"psychology is only another word for what the ancients called fate"- Donna Tate

Big brother doesn't cry
No Baby-not in front of you.
Big brother doesn't say what he feels
No Baby- he's strong that's what he tells you.
Big brother thinks you don't understand
But i know, baby knows more than you would believe.
Things get quiet,
Baby doesn't cry, not anymore. 
She lets them say
What they say
And she brushes it away
No it don't matter
It's fine
Just another line
That divides
And resides
And wraps around your neck
i heard every word they saids
As turf burned my skin
As the words of silly second graders
Dug a little deeper than i expected.
But Baby don’t cry-Big brother don't cry
For once they got something in common they don't stand back up
They sit and let the words dig into their skin
Puncturing palms
Perpitrating punismment…
And Baby cries
As Big brother drives
And the darkness drinks them up
Like cough syrup
As they drive through the twilight
And for once- Baby has to swear it's only once- she sees big brother cry.
And i look down at my knees
Ask something  somewhere
Tell big brother , we need to be stronger
Tell big brother
His Baby sister loves him.

The author's comments:

This is a peice about how sometimes its the bad things that bring people togther. 

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