Two-Tone Personality

January 17, 2018
By Jmmason2626 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Jmmason2626 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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If you tell people where to go, but not how to get there, you'll be amazed at the results. ~George S. Patton

With the city, I am a bright fire truck red:
    Shiny, powerful, direct.
    Shouted silence and whispered noise.
    Screaming visibility and subdued coolness.
   I am Red:
    Ready, Resilient, Reliable
    Exorbitant, Exuberant, Enduring
    Dedicated, Determined, Dauntless
   With the country, I become olive green:
    Dull, Modest, Deviating.
    Quiet acceptance and roaring predictability.
    Cooing synthesis and soft-spoken adherence.
   I am Green:
    Genuine, Gallant, Gleaming
    Radiant, Rational, Relentless
    Ebullient, Efficient, Erudite
    Exquisite, Exemplary, Extravagant
    Natural, Noble, Nonchalant
   But with the suburbs, I am fire truck red and olive green:
    Benevolent, Boastful, Brave
    Obedient, Organized, Opinionated
    Tactful, Thoughtful, Tireless
    Honest, Hopeful, Harmonious
   For I am fire truck red and olive green
    I am both

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