Lost and Forgotten

January 17, 2018
By Camileschnaas BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
Camileschnaas BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
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Lost and Forgotten
I had a doll
She was my friend
We talked and talked
Until the end of day
One summer night
She disappeared
Flew out the window
Or hid in the field
I looked and looked
all summer long
She wasn’t here
Nor was she there
The summer was gone
new friends came 
We talked and talked
Until the end of day 
And that old doll
Her face I know
With big blue eyes
Or were they green?
Next summer came
My friends were gone
There was no talk
Until the end of day
The days turned dark
And I recalled
My porcelain doll
Or was she enamel at all?
The darkness went
The day began
My thoughts dispersed
and time flew by
And that old doll
I thought again
That glorious hair
Or was she a bear? 
No time to think
No time for dolls
It’s just a game 
No one to blame
I had a doll
Or maybe a bear
I don't remember 
No longer care

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