Beauty Behind the Madness

January 17, 2018
By Anonymous

As you look in the mirror starring at your reflection,

you see a broken glass

A broken glass that can not be fixed 

You tend to see your madness behind the beauty 

Your face brigs the clouds and sun out

In your mind its clouds and rain, with emotion flowing out 

YOu cant see how amazing one is when we stare deep into the stories your eye holds 

You see grey but i see a colorful picture 

Youre enchanted personality, one you will never recognize 

Your Fine China broken into pieces 

Pieces that can be put together 

By the right hand of the mesmerizing angle that surrounds you 

Look in the mirror 

Now you will see the beauty behind the madness 

The author's comments:

I would say im kind of insecure about some things, but over the years it took me while to realize how gratfeull i am to be in the postion im in now. I wanted to help the people that are insecure that there isnt any point of feeling such a way because your great and amaizng for who you are.

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