Will I be Consumed?

January 16, 2018
By CORRUP73D_H34L3R SILVER, Hemet, California
CORRUP73D_H34L3R SILVER, Hemet, California
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I can see it happening all around me..
I can see everyone falling victim to the poisonous smoke
I can hear every cough, every lighter click, every cry for help..    Yet I offer none

I let this happen, I let them injure themselves..
How can I help?
How can I offer any amount of closer or comfort to strangers?
How did they become strangers?..

I used to know these strangers, we were close..
But then I fell ill and secluded myself from them
How could I let this happen?
Why didn’t they reach out for help?                                          Why didn’t I grab the hand they offered to help me?

One of the strangers became seriously injured
I went to visit him
Only to see him go back to the poisonous smoke..
Only to witness him being consumed again..
I asked myself, Why?

Why do you go back to it?
Why do you let it hurt you?
Why do you let it consume you?
Why are you all falling for its tricks?

Will I be next?..
My angel tells me that I will be safe from the smoke..
My angel says that I am stronger than the strangers
My angel speaks comforting words and yet..I can feel it tempt me..

Whenever it tempts me I think back to my angel
I swore that I wouldn’t let my angel down
I swore that I would be strong for my angel
I won't break my promise, my angel

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