Death's Choice

January 16, 2018
By JugHead_Jones SILVER, Madison, Georgia
JugHead_Jones SILVER, Madison, Georgia
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"You just done did it again."

End of life, then you start another.
Death and Life.
From birth to the day you’re gone.
Death, Life, and New Beginning.
The end of the road will come soon.
Death, Life, Beginning, and End.
The end of the road, suffering is gone.
Death, Life, Beginning, End, and Comfort.
A new road forms, then suffering blooms.
Death, Life, Beginning, End, Comfort, and Pain.
Life depends on this choice.
Death or Life. Beginning or End. Comfort or Pain.
Death Will Come.
Life Will Overcome.
The Beginning Is Certain.
The End Is Unknown.
Comfort Is Wanted.
Pain Connects Us.
Your Choice.

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