The Flame

January 16, 2018
By ashleyisthelonliestnumber SILVER, Ashburn, Virginia
ashleyisthelonliestnumber SILVER, Ashburn, Virginia
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"But a poem is never actually finished.
It just stops moving."

It started as a single flame, a candle illuminating the dark around me,
Bringing sense and meaning in a world once shrouded in darkness and confusion.
I didn’t seem to notice it growing, consuming all that surrounded me.
The once comforting glow and warmth replaced with a scathing wildfire.
At first, I embraced the brightly burning flames that threaten to engulf me, taking me with them.
But as the fiery walls surrounded me, a panic overcame me, smothering and dousing the flames.
Little did I think of the dark that would return in its absence.
Meaning and sense drained from the world around me as the embers that once brought them were overcome.
Now I sit in shock, shivering in the dark and cold who were once my only companion.
I know it would be impossible to rekindle that flame, attempting to reignite the scathing, unquenchable flames with the cold ashy remnants.

Yet I can't help but feel remorseful and sentimental as the breeze slowly erodes and washes away the ash of what once was.

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