The Walk Home

January 16, 2018
By Rocket16 BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
Rocket16 BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
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I stay protected from the bitter wind by many layers
But they do nothing for the dry coldness
I hurry down the street
I hurry across the bridge
The air bites my nose and ears as I pant
Walking fast, walking faster
Voices sound a ways behind me
My stomach drops
Walk even faster
My heart is beating out of my chest
I turn my head
And there

Pound      pound     pound poundpoundpoundPOUNDPOUNDPOUND 
The air turns warm and sweet
My feet lift off the ground
My heart is still pounding but I don’t hear it over the loud silence
I am no longer cold
My heart is full and hot
There are butterflies fluttering softly in my stomach
Everything slows down as they pass
I am frozen in awe and I feel lost...
But as quick as it came
Everything is gone

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