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Maybe in a World Full of Lies

January 16, 2018
By Poet27 SILVER, East Peoria, Illinois
Poet27 SILVER, East Peoria, Illinois
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Normality is an illusion,
One that we create,
Don´t we ever notice,
How hard it is to be okay,
How we are told one thing,
Yet we are still forced to live another,
The thoughts we fill our mind with,
Just the thought still makes me shutter,
Okay is just a word,
It has many definitions,
Well isn't that absurd,
We´ve only noticed one,
Are you okay,
Or is it just your situation,
The words you never say,
Have you still not caught on,
The water in the lake appears blue,
But even that is a lie,
How hard it is to see what's true,
When we live this life,
But to see how someone talks to the wall,
At 3AM when they can´t sleep,
Instead of seeing them smiling at the mall,
When will you finally see,
To see truth in a world full of lies,
To see a tear in a world full of fake smiles,
To notice fake laughter when someone wants to cry,
This is seeing,
But you can not simply learn to see this,
You have to understand it first,
But you can't understand this without giving up your ignorant bliss,
Yo actually have to hurt,
But maybe there is a way,
A way to understand,
Hearing the words people never say,
Maybe there is another way,
A way were you can skip all the pain a sleepless night brings,
A way you can skip the bleeding wrists,
A way you can skip depressions and anxiety´s stings,
I pray that maybe, just maybe, there is another way

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