Him and Her

January 16, 2018

It’s magical.
The meeting of lovers.
The smile on Her lips as He greets Her for the first time.
The sparkle in His eye as She laughs at a joke-
He knew it was bad and She laughed,
She laughed, She laughed, She laughed.
Her hair in the wind as they fly down the interstate.
His voice thrumming through Her as He sings along
To Her favorite song on the radio-
She knew He hated it and He sang,
He sang, He sang, He sang.
The sound of a door slamming as She stormed out.
The anger in His veins cooling into sadness-
She cried as walked back in and He held Her.
He held her, He held her, He held her.
The last fight before She collapsed.
His frantic calls to doctors and family and friends-
He sat by Her bed while the machines beeped,
And beeped, and beeped, and…
Red wood and white roses in the center of His vision.
The memories full of love and joy and grief-
He cried while the casket lowered and She left,
She left, She left, She left.
Years later He looks back and smiles
And whispers against His wife’s head-
As His daughter giggles and He hears Her laughter,
Her laughter, Her laughter, Her laughter.
Thank you.

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