My Uncle Monkey

January 16, 2018
By Anonymous

Dark is like light 

but its quiet 

Sound is like home 

but its more fun. 

Familey is close in your heart.

As the family grows you always 

lose a close person.

I lost you on the sad day.

Mamoral day was worse, 

I see you in my dreams.

But it hurts the worst.

May 28, 2017 ws like walking alone. 

It was like walking in the slience, 

It was like walking in the dark. 

Depression has hit, it will never stop.

People will miss your smile, laugh and 


 I hope your in a safe place, I love you 

Rest in Peace, Kyle Clayton Thomas.  

The author's comments:

In the piece is a poem i wrote my uncle when he died on mormal day. I was so sad and I still am, people dont understand that everyday i miss him vary much and it breaks my heart that he has left the family. 

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