Bum Bum

January 18, 2018
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Bum Bum
Laying here in comfortable silence
faint heartbeat setting the pace,
for my thoughts inside my head.
If I could freeze time right here
I would, and never go back to
Bum Bum
For there I am loved,
there I am happy and there I am
normal. I can sing and dance without
fear and live my life without terror.
There I am no longer who I am, there
I am better than who I am. I am whole
and strong there. There I can live.
Bum Bum
There is only a fantasy world
Here I am sad and alone. I can’t
do anything and I live my life in
constant terror. I am not who I
want to be anymore. I am less.
I am a broken girl in a cold,
unloving world that doesn’t want me.
Here I will die.

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