January 18, 2018
By CreativeWriting13171 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
CreativeWriting13171 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am like the outside of the watermelon with all that bright green. I am the pop of color that catches your eye. Hard on the outside, I seem unbreakable. But once you drop me, I can be changed. With a smash to the floor I will crack open allowing the true me to show.
I am the reddish pink inside of a watermelon. Soft to the touch and easily dented, my current form is easily broken. If you held me in your hands and gave me a light squeeze, I turn to mush and fall apart. Like the reddish pink of a watermelon I am easily squashed. On the inside there is nothing left to crack open, the shell is already off. If you were to drop me again I would splatter all over the floor. I will look like a melted popsicle laying there. I am like the inside of a watermelon fragile until you get to the seeds, then I become tougher once more.

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