January 18, 2018
By Anonymous

Crack, snap, pop, crunch
A shoulder dislocation
But not just any shoulder dislocation
MY shoulder dislocation
This has sent the past 6 months of my life into a complete relocation
Unmotivated but more educated
I can’t help but to think every “Why me”
In a few more months i’ll be saying “try me”
But  I just still can’t get over the middle of that last line
“A few more months”
I’d be lying if I said I was fine
Because those few more months are reinforcements from the enemy to a war general
Now let me try to be more general
Those few more months before I can lift again are those few more months without a wifi to that gamer guy
They are that flat tire on I-75
They are that no water swimming dive
They are that pie with no filling
All they do is dream killing
This one event takes me 100 steps back
With this sport there’s no time to back track
Competition closing in like a homeing missle
Hard to move like through a thicket of thissle
Cut from steel
I’m real and iron is tough
The view will be beautiful from the top like im on a bluff
You only have one life to live once
And I will start living mine again  in just a few more months

The author's comments:

A personal piece about my own injury.

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