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A peaceful World

January 18, 2018
By KarimOmega GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
KarimOmega GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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"Things are hard before they get better.

Living a peaceful world
Four letters of love.
Four letters of Help.
Nine letters of Tolerance.
A 1000 kg of Anti-corruption.
            A million pile of forgiveness.
A large pile of abstaining.
            A thousand slices of Law-abiding.
A Nine letters of a Volunteer.
Mr. happy.
Firstly, take the four letters of love and give it to the world. Take the four letters of help and give it to the helpless.
Take the nine letters of tolerance and share it with those that have different beliefs, ideas, or knowledge equally and don’t forget to take 1000 kg of anti-corruption and put on your head. Furthermore, take the million pile of forgiveness and give it to those who need it and not forgetting to take a large pile of abstaining away from evil.

Make sure you always take with, walk with and die with a thousand slices of law-abiding and not forgetting to be a nine letters of volunteer and always make Mr. Happy your friend.

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