January 18, 2018
By golfer123 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
golfer123 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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First you need to take the heap of pens(or one pen) and the wink of paper to your mom(make sure it's right before she goes to work so she is in a rush to leave).
When you get to your mom start coughing and act like you are really sick(make sure to make a face that looks like you are going to throw up and gag a dab of times just to be safe).
Ask her to sign the paper saying that you are sick and can’t go to school today.
When parents leave for work take the lifetime of ibuprofen and chase it down with the trough of water in the bin of disposable cups.
Next you need to fill your bathtub with a trough of hot water(hot but not so hot you can’t get in).
Then take the cooler with a mound of ice in the bottom.
Fill it with the crate of ice cream, flurry of milk and the valley of chocolate bars.
Take the mound full steps with the cooler too the bathtub(don’t forget to grab the spoon and the bin of disposable cups).
After all of that the lifetime of ibuprofen will have kicked in and now you can enjoy a relaxing headache free day off of school in a steaming bath with snacks and drinks.

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