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January 18, 2018
By EmDawg BRONZE, Cutchogue, New York
EmDawg BRONZE, Cutchogue, New York
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My room.
In school.
These are the places I cry.
Sometimes I don’t know why.
And other times I know way too well,
Why I cry.
Tests make me cry.
Quizzes make me cry.
In school taking them,
And receiving the grade.
Knowing I try and try and ending up wanting to cry.
I worked hard,
And studied hard but I still cry.
Stress makes me cry.
At home,
In my bed trying to fall asleep.
Life is hard and sometimes it feels like just me.
Who cries while they should be asleep?
I run outside to take a breath,
But I'm crying instead.
My heart beats fast as I sit and think
Do I cry and cry.
Crying is therapeutic you see
And it will forever be
My way of expressing emotions.
Until someone comes and says
Why are you crying today?
And laughing takes over me.
I chuckle so hard that a tear falls down my face.
Laughing and smiling for no reason at all.
My parents come in my room and make me laugh
Even though at this moment I don't want to.
I laugh in politeness because that’s what they want me to do
To be happy in my yellow walled room.
Soon I don't have to fake it, my laughs come out
I laugh in school after my friends tell me don’t worry
And I think how silly I was to cry when bad grades are just part of school.
They tell me funny stories
To distract me from the disappointment.
The stories are so funny I laugh in the cafeteria
Loudly and cry because it's so funny.
I giggle outside to myself as I think
Why am I crying so hard?
I look around and see how beautiful life is while laughing.
Crying makes the world go gray and fuzzy
While laughing is an assortment of colors.
I breath in the air and smell
How much more fun life is while laughing
Than it is

The author's comments:

As a freshmen In highschool I experience a lot of stress. This is a poem about it.

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