Letting You Go

January 18, 2018
By Anonymous

I long for your smile

I dream of your touch

I wish for the life we could share

Now we'er both crying over the mess I made

You say you'll find me

That you'll always love me

But a lot can change in one year

you'll find someone better 

And i'll fade away in the back ground

you'll find someone who can give you what i can't

Someone who wont hold you back

But someone who will hold you up

Someone you could hold at night

Someone who's not me

Find someone who's better for you

They say if you love someone let them go

So i'm letting you go

Go live your life

Leave me behind

I'll move on

Even if i still love you

I just want you to be happy

And you'll be happier without me

So i'm letting you go

Go be free 

Like a bird in the wind

The author's comments:

This is about me leaving my school in a few weeks and leaving behind the love of my life. And when i'm gone i just want him to move on and be happy.

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