Friendship, a word with a lot of meaning

January 18, 2018
By sophiethestork GOLD, Tirana, Other
sophiethestork GOLD, Tirana, Other
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Sometimes a companion becomes an enemy,

An ally turns into a hated person,

A friend becomes an opponent.

So let’s start from the beginning:

The F in friendship for fidelity,

Because friends stand by each other no matter what comes

The R in friendship for respect,

Which should not be a suspect,

The I in friendship for inseparability,

Which is the highest quality.

The E in friendship for empathy,

That makes you feel like the other feels.

The N in friendship for nursing,

Just as the desire to be there in help of the other.

The D in friendship for discrete,

Because friends keep everything between themselves.

The S in friendship for strength,

The one between themselves and towards others like an invisible bond.

The H in friendship for honesty,

The ability to speak of weaknesses and mistakes

Knowing that the other would understand and forgive.

The second I in friendship for inspirational,

Because we like to do new things together and discover the world as a team.

The P in friendship for pleasure,

The joy of laughing with each other even if it is about one another..

The alphabet does not have enough letters to express all the good moments and feelings that come with friendship.

Which makes it even harder on yourself when you lose it.

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