before you.

January 18, 2018
By isabelm BRONZE, Colfax, California
isabelm BRONZE, Colfax, California
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before you.
before you, no guy had ever told me i was pretty.
before you, i thought no one noticed me.
before you, i had low self confidence.
after you, i gained confidence.
slowly of course,
i was broken, crumbling inside.
but heartbreak makes you stronger.
after you, i'm noticed.
or maybe my eyes are finally open and i have been noticed all along.
after you, my heart still skips a beat no matter who calls me pretty
because it feels so amazing.
even if it's not you anymore.
i am growing by moving on.
i want to thank you for impacting my life.
sometimes for the worse.
but maybe for the better.

The author's comments:

I was heartbroken, and the words just spilled out of me. Only after did I realize how true it all is. I hope people will see that, even in the hardest of times, you can grow from your experience and become a better person.

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