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January 17, 2018

all we do is

is scream.

our voices being

heard from miles away.

you blame me,

i blame you.

who's at fault?

we're yelling just to see who

is louder. as if its a competition

to be the f***ing loudest.

our voice strained from yelling at

each other, tears welled up

in my eyes.

we can't stop. our love is

a f***ing drug to the point

were we can't stop.

just for a moment,

to think about life

and what we can fix.

we're too busy yelling

at each other

and demanding love from

the other.

why can't we work out?

why aren't we the perfect


we love each other.

we want to be with each other.

i don't understand.

you told me you loved me

it wasn't just me.

you had another girl

and possibly much more

after her.

but, i didn't know.

i was too busy trying

to fix things but

i was yelling too.

we're at war.

with each other.

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