The dinner

January 17, 2018
By DylanMitchell GOLD, Searsmont, Maine
DylanMitchell GOLD, Searsmont, Maine
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It was strange to see this place so empty. It was fitting in a way though. When I came here before, I was alive, I was well. I was just a young stupid 17 year old kid, who thought my dreams and ambitions would take me places. But here I am, right back in the dinner we met, 12 years ago today. The rain was the only noise I could hear, and I let it absorb me completely. I stared out the windows and watched the raindrops slide down as the glass became illuminated with the reds and greens of the traffic lights outdoors, as the moon was not out tonight. I came here in search of nothing, I had no plans, I simply wanted to feel alive again, and perhaps this place would do it for me. Unfortunately the place that was once so alive with activity has now fallen ill, dark gloomy and lonely.  I was the only one sitting in the dinner, and I started to wonder where the staff was. It’s not like I wanted to order, but another soul may make me feel less alone. That was when I hear your sweet voice, for the first time in forever. I do not know what you said but I turn to you and see your eyes grow wide. It was you. You are the thing I had not been looking for. The one I am glad I found again.

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