A Message for my Mouth

January 17, 2018
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Jeez they can hear you all the way down the hall
Do you ever stop talking?
They get it! You like attention!
You yell and scream
Don't you realize everyone around you has already gone deaf
Enough already!

What was that?
You said something to that girl? That's surprising, no one's ever talked to her before.
Hey, look at that boy. He’s being moved to the back. They are angry because he is different. Someone should say something. He shouldn't be treated like that! Someone should stand up fo- oh, you beat me to it. You run that mouth to make them listen. The deafened ears are opening eyes. Now I get it. Maybe there is something to you. Someone has to say something. Someone has to be the one to bring light to the unjust actions of society. Someone has to be the one to yell and make the change. You need to keep working, keep helping those whose mouths have been forced shut.

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