Rip It Off

January 17, 2018
By Giant BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
Giant BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
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When something terrible happens to you
People are going to tell you how to feel
How to think about things
And how act about things

But all your doing is making a mask for yourself
Trying to hide away on how you feel
You are trying to build dam in a day
When you know a flood is coming in the next hour
And it hits hard
Like a pissed off boxer

If you make that mask and wear it
Like a smoker with citrates It will slowly kill you
But you need to realize you don’t need that mask
You need to take it off
And let the emotions flow out
Because you were having a drought when you built that dam

Then you start to appreciate 
About the better things in life
The little things in life
Like the grass on the ground its always there
but it’s always beautifully green in the morning
The things people would just pass over
Like friends who give you cookies
But can make you feel so much better

But you just need to do one thing
You need to stop suffocating yourself
Rip it off
And finally, just breathe

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